Technical Director

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Job Description


Acts as a technical director and assists with, supervises, and coordinates daily operations and activities of Center for the Arts facilities.


Six (6) years of experience in stage lighting, production audio, theatrical rigging, or theatrical production management, of which two (2) must have been supervisory; OR an equivalent combination of related education and experience.

Employees in this job may be required to receive an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine in order to comply with presenter health & safety guidelines at Arts & Culture venues. COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use may be substituted in order to meet this requirement. Employees may be exempted from this requirement based on allowable exemptions under applicable law and will be assigned to duties that do not require vaccination based on health & safety guidelines.


  • Supervises all stage activities and equipment installation, maintenance and use.
  • Assists with the daily operations of Center for the Arts facilities and ensures buildings are maintained and operating safely and efficiently and are properly evacuated in case of emergencies.
  • Assigns duties, schedules tasks, and ensures completion by facilities operations workers and contracted cleaning crews.
  • Coordinates with event management team to ensure that all event’s needs, and activities are planned and executed to the client’s satisfaction.
  • Ensures the safety and proper evacuation of facilities in the event of an emergency.
  • Assists with the future planning for building and equipment needs.

Knowledge of:

  • Theatrical lighting and sound systems operation and programming
  • Scenic design, carpentry, props, electric and construction
  • Music, opera, dance, film, video, radio and video
  • Effective public relations techniques
  • Crowd control and evacuation techniques
  • Event set up and management procedures and techniques
  • Union works rules and pay scales
  • Technical theatre and stage management
  • Needs and procedures of touring productions
  • Organize and plan effectively
  • Perform basic computer functions
  • Use computers to schedule HVAC systems and operate modern lighting consoles and basic office computers
  • Perform accurate mathematical functions
  • Maintain professional conduct during time of stress and pressure
  • Effectively communicate in written and verbal form
  • Work effectively with the public, promoters, civic, and fine arts staff
  • Project management including budget and implementation strategy


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