Buying your tickets to a long-awaited concert or show should be an experience full of excitement.  With your tickets-in-hand, the anticipation for the big event builds with each passing day.

Now, imagine how devastating it would be to find out that your ticket was a fraud! Not only would you miss the show you were so excited to see, but you’d say goodbye to a chunk of your hard-earned money.

If you are a ticket buyer to an event at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, Eccles Theater or the Rose, how can you avoid this dreadful situation? Buy an ArtTix Authorized ticket from an ArtTix Authorized seller.

What is an ArtTix Authorized ticket?

An ArtTix Authorized ticket is one that is purchased directly from ArtTix or from the organization presenting the event. These are only two ways to buy tickets that are 100% guaranteed, legitimate and ArtTix Authorized. Purchase your tickets from ArtTix directly, or from the organization presenting the event.

ArtTix is the official ticketing organization for events at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, Eccles Theater and the Rose. The only two ways to buy tickets that are 100% guaranteed to be legitimate are through ArtTix or through the presenting organization. No other seller is authorized to sell tickets for these four venues.

Why buy ArtTix Authorized?

– 100% Real Tickets. If you buy from an ArtTix Authorized seller, you will know, without a doubt, that you have a real ticket.

– No Duplicates. You’ll be the only person who has a ticket for the seat you purchase.

– Pay Face Value. ArtTix charges face value for all tickets.

– Customer Service. If something should happen to your ticket, ArtTix customer service can help you. If you don’t purchase from an ArtTix Authorized seller, there’s no guarantee that ArtTix will be able to help.

– Peace of Mind. If you buy and ArtTix Authorized ticket, you won’t have to think twice about getting scammed. You’ll have a legitimate ticket at the right price and a customer service team to answer all of your questions.

What should I look for to make sure I’m buying a legitimate ticket?

– ArtTix Authorized. First and foremost, make sure you are buying from ArtTix or the organization presenting the event. In most cases, when a ticket buyer clicks on a link to purchase tickets through the presenting organization, they will be directed to the ArtTix ticket buying page.

– Ticket Website or Office. As ArtTix is owned and operated by Salt Lake County, it is a government entity and has a .org web address. Make sure when you are purchasing tickets that you are on not on a fraudulent website. If you are purchasing over the phone, make sure you are calling or receiving calls from an 801 phone number.

– Ticket Price. If you are paying double or triple the face value of the ticket, you are not buying it from ArtTix or an ArtTix Authorized seller. ArtTix will never charge more than the face value and the required service fees.

– Fees. In many cases, if you are being scammed, you will pay an enormous amount of money in fees. You can always request a breakdown of fees from ArtTix, and ArtTix never charges a separate delivery fee.

– Are Tickets on Sale? If the tickets are not yet on sale to the public, they will not be available through ArtTix without a special code or purchase link provided by the organization presenting the show. If you are buying tickets from a third party before they are on sale, you’ll likely be paying more than face value and there’s no guarantee that you will even have a seat.

What are some of the ways people get scammed?

– A third party selling the same ticket to multiple people
– A third party selling fake tickets
– A third party or reseller selling tickets for double or triple face value, or charging unreasonably high fees
– Imitation ticketing websites that take your money but don’t sell real tickets

How often do people purchase overpriced or even fake tickets? 

Unfortunately, this happens on a regular basis, especially when the show is in high demand, like Hamilton, Lion King, Wicked, or the Nutcracker.

With big shows coming up, what’s the best way to get tickets?

The best way to ensure you are getting real tickets is by purchasing your ticket through an ArtTix Authorized seller. There are three safe ways to buy authorized tickets:

– Online at
– In person at ticket office locations at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, Eccles Theater, or the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
– Over the phone by calling ArtTix directly at 801-355-ARTS

Is there a safe way to get tickets when a show sells out? What if I buy from a third party?

Unfortunately, shows do sell out.  If you find tickets online and want to be sure they are legitimate, call ArtTix and customer service representatives will do their best to help you confirm if they are real.  Of course, our strong recommendation is that it is always safest to purchase your ticket through ArtTix or an ArtTix Authorized seller.

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