Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, and the Rose are among the most well-loved and heavily used performing arts venues in our region and the Arts & Culture division of Salt Lake County is the steward of these facilities. We love these buildings and want them to be as inviting and relevant for future generations as they are for us today.

As Salt Lake County-owned facilities, we have the benefit of public support for their routine care and maintenance and for major capital projects. However, like many venues around the country, we see the expectations of our patrons and performers evolving. Shows require more sophisticated technology, lighting and, sound; patrons want improved seating, comfort, and performers need backstage improvements for creating and rehearsing.

In 2007, after much research and discussion, we determined the best way to fund some of these important projects was to implement a Preservation Fund. The Preservation Fund is a small fee charged on each paid admission to events at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, and the Rose. These dedicated Preservation Funds allow us to pay for projects that will enhance and accelerate the artistic and patron experience at these venues.

Projects are proposed and prioritized annually by the County Arts & Culture staff, our Residents and frequent users, and these funding requests are approved by the County Council. From 2008–2018, the Preservation Fund earned just over $3 million, and every penny has been spent on 37 major and minor improvement projects.
To continue funding these important projects and keep up with the growing needs in these heavily used venues, we find it necessary to increase the amount of the Preservation Fee. For events starting on and after September 1, 2019, the Preservation fee will increase to $1.00 – 2.00 per ticket. The current fees range from 50¢ – $1.00 per ticket and have not been raised since its implementation in 2007.

The Preservation Fund is an important tool to help us continue to improve your experience at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, and the Rose. Thanks to your support, we will continue to Preserve Our Future.


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